Do you something have a feeling that you are meant to do something extra ordinary and no matter what you do, to stay away from it, there is a force pulling you towards it? That’s the story of my life.

October 2009, I had just finished a 7 hours day working as a School Sim Administrator. I picked up Grace, my eldest daughter from school and as soon as I walked home my phone run and it was my brother in law in France “I am so sorry, your sister has passed away”. I felt like my head was going to explode

I had no passport so couldn’t travel to France to say goodbye. The following day, I called the office but I was told there was no-one to cover me so had to go to work. By Midday I just couldn’t do it anymore so I left and took a week off.

If you want something bad enough, you find a way to get it. 

I started researching businesses, what could I actually do with myself? So I married my laptop  I woke up with it, went to sleep with it. I finally decided to set up a recruitment business and work for myself. 

I had a good friend who agreed to buy 5% of the business for £2500. December 3rd, 2009, I became the power of Link For People Employment Ltd. That was the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey

Changing Directions

Whilst running the recruitment business, in 2014 I discovered Social Marketing and I joined a cosmetics direct selling company. I had been using their products for over 9 years. It was an amazing experience to meet other women entrepreneurs with common goals. The motivation and level of recognition were amazing and i learned a lot within that time.  I progressed fairly well and achieved Leadership ranks, earned a good residual income, many prizes and rewards including a Mini Cooper, diamonds and so much more. I had the opportunity to work with amazing women in the company but also in my team.

Health and more 

I Used my  circumstances as an opportunity to learn, explore and grow.

The C-Section left me with chronic pelvic pains which limited me from a lot of things including standing or sitting for more than 2 hours. After 4 surgeries including a total abdominal hysterectomy, I was diagnosed with nerves damaged. With drowsy dedative I quickly learnt to promote my business online usinng social media, a method that was heavily criticised by the company but supported by my then sponsor who was very encouraging. 

After a while, my health was getting worse and I could no longer run that model of the business effectively. It was taking a toll on me.

End of July 2018 I decided to move of from the company and handed my resignation in August. and with that I throught My career in Direct Selling was over.

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Accepting My Calling

“The things you are passionate  about are not random, they are your calling.”  Fabienne Fredricson

For at least 2 weeks I resisted the urge to look at direct selling again. I missed helping both customers and people who wanted to start their businesses, I missed working with other entrepreneurs, I missed sharing what i was learning. At the same time I knew what I didn’t want so i wrote a list of things I wanted to see in a direct selling company for me to reconsider it. I knew in my heart that this industry lightened me up. I just had to find one for that would be right for me and my circumstances. 

I armed myself with a checklist and i went online. I explored a total 33 companies across the world. It came down to 2 companies. Arbonne was the last one sdtanding and one of the last checked box was the companies history. 38 years in business keeping the same values, the same ethics without compromising, that did it for me.  More on this on my blog.

Arbonne has given me back my confidence 

I had heard about Arbonne for years but never had the courage to look into it. Following 4 years of chronic pelvic pain and medication, I wanted to look after my health from the inside out, be around a positive community and build a successfull business with real prospect, Arbonne gives me that and more.

Starting a business with Arbonne has given me hope and gave me back the confidence that I had lost. I have l become a far better person and a leader than i was ever before. I am happier and so much more in tune with myself and living my life with purpose. I am healthier than I have ever been before and I look forward to the future.

Whilst most people are found by their mentor, I found mine by looking online. Sarah has been that link that i needed in my left to grow into the person I need to be to lead more people. I am so grateful i found her.

My business gives me the flexibility i need to work on other projeccts and still be able to earn an income on the side. I enjoy the fact that i can grown my business at my own pace and build it as i feel. I don’t have to buy stock or deliver products. The Arbonne Community is simply out of this world. My sponsor is the kindest and most hands on person I know. 

I am now building my business to help as many people to get the top level on the business and I would to have you join our team. 

I am so excited about the choices I have made, the experience I have been through and overcame and looking forward to the future.