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December 2012

I had a reminder of the picture on the left today and it made me realise just how far I have come. 

2012, I was CEO of a recruitment business that I founded in 2009 based in Essex. At the time I was employing 4 people not including myself if I remember correctly. I was already married and had 2 daughters. Grace was 8 and Jessica was 9 months when this picture was taken. 

I went through some ups and down with the business mainly due to lack of experience in the industry but in general, things were good and already exceeded hundreds of thousands in turnover. I had a level of confidence but I was reserved, impatiente, and inexperienced.

But when people ask me why I love Network Marketing so much, well the picture on the right is one of the reason even though it is not telling the full story. 

The industry, the experience, the people over the past 6 years, all that has literally changed my personal life. 

I have been blessed with a life partner who has supported every crazy ideas I have had God bless him for his patience because I wouldn’t be where or who I am today. 

Mary Kay Senior Sales Director - Car Driver February 2018

With Mary Kay, I learned the concept of Faith first, family second, career third. Before then, it was career career career, my phone glued to my ears 24/7. I went back to work 5 days after a c section well I am paying for it today still. 

The company also thought me leadership skills and the difference between managing people and leading people. It also opened my eyes on the type of things I like to do, I.e I love creating projects, I lobe teaching, sharing knowledge and helping people to be successful. And of course I learned how to apply lipstick correctly. I still hated speaking in front of lot of people but I could stop 10 people on the street just to tell them how beautiful they are.

Working in corporate, especially the recruitment industry, clients do not always show appreciation to the services you provide. Being the business owner, there was no one to really recognise my efforts or my achievements. This is something I really enjoy within this industry. Not just for me but for people around me. Celebrating other people’s success is uplifting.

Arbonne, has been an eye opening experience. With my previous experience, setting aside the company’s ethics, it has literally been a school of personal development. I have never felt as confident and positive as I do today. Being part of a community I can truly lean on, with guidance that has helped me not only with my professional life but also in my personal life. The model of Arbonne gives me the freedom and flexibility of a portable business which allows me to work on other projects.

Living with chronic pain sacks! And I always wonder what my life would be if I wasn’t part of a positive community like Arbonne. The past 6 years, this industry has made me realise just how relient I can be and at each step, each hurdle always rising up stronger. 

I have learnt that failure is only a learning curve, developed new skills and discovered the joy of living with purpose.

Places I have been, people I have met and where I am going, full credit to God for putting me on this path. 

The money I have earned, the car, the rewards are nothing compared to what I have truly gained and will always be grateful to the Network Marketing Industry.

It is the only industry where anyone can achieve the level of success they desire if they work for it.

I believe that in my early days in the industry, the success I achieved was purely as an ignorant on fire. Now, I still have the fire, but I am also growing as a person to fit in the shoes of an awesome leader. 


If you have just joined this industry, know that you will fail at some point but follow the proces,  the personal growth in this industry is priceless. 

A caterpillar has to go through the cocoon process by itself in order to emerge as a butterfly. If you cut corners, but thinking you are trying to help and cut the cocoon, the butterfly will die. 

I will never get enough of this industry no matter where life takes me. In fact I hope to take this business model back to my home country one day and enrich people’s lives there too. 

The journey continues. 


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