When I speak with people considering going into business for themselves, they often say “oh great let me ask my friends and family if they would be interested”. 
Well let me break your heart a little, they won’t! And even if they said they would, it may happen it may not. 
5 years ago I went into business in Direct Selling, some of my best friends bought from me to support me at first, some of my family member did too. 
My husband was supportive from day 1. Now, I say supportive. 

He invited friends to my debut, he would stay home while I go away on business, he would make me a cup of tea on month end when he knew it was the busiest. Do you think he was using the products?

The answer is NO. for 2 years I tried to to get him to buy the products he says no. Until I decided to stop buying Spurs T-shirts and Spurs this and that for Christmas, anniversary and birthday and bought him men’s range. Then he walked in to my office one day and asked “where is my cooling after shave?” I knew then he was hooked and loved the products. 

Many of my friends still didn’t buy from me but spent loads of money on similar even lesser quality but more expensive products. Until I was in the business for a year. It can be revolting because after all, you still sending birthday wishes and gifts from your business right? 😁😁

But you know what? You built a network of customers, people who don’t know you yet. How do I know it is because it happened for me. I went on to helping many people who I didn’t know, earning good money, earning awards still some so called “friends” thought it was a joke but on the plus note many others became loyal customers.
And here we are again, new venture, same story.

I took a chance in another business, My husband would not even drink the tea, he supports me and really want me to succeed and sometimes he even believes in me more than I believe in myself. Still he raises his nose up when I mention the company name. And that is ok. Just like many people around you will. 

 He doesn’t ask when electric or gas is topped up that day, hey it’s Friday my company paid Electric and Gas. Will I change him? No. And neither will you change your friends or family because they will still be there for you. It doesn’t have to be business related. 
Do you think they won’t notice? Your husband will notice that you are no longer asking for gas and electric money. Your friends will notice that you are no longer broke, that you are looking more confident than ever. 
It takes courage to start, and it will take grits to continue. Don’t make a decision based on other people’s opinion. 
At the end of the day, where you are looking at your empty fridge, they are not there. When you need money to pay for a medical bills, buy yourself a nice handbag, or pay for your holiday, their opinions will not match their pockets. 
Celebrate those who support you, and still appreciate those who don’t. Some people have it, others don’t. 

There is a good side to this, 1 year after I joined my new company, my husband started not only using but actually ordering some the products. 

People will eventually take you seriously and support youonre you have made a success of your business. If you keep spending money for your business and not actually making any, your frustration will show and so will your desperation.

So next time you see an opportunity, don’t wait for your friends’ opinion. Don’t think about what they will say, think about your fridge when it’s full and all paid for by your lipstick or under wear or shake money. Think about when you walk into a university office and pay the whole year of tuition fee or when you pick up the key to your dream house, dream car, or dream holiday. 
When you start, whatever you want to start, start now. If you started and are slowed down by lack of support, well go out there and get yourself people who would love to use your services, your products. Facebook has over 3 Billion users, Instagram over 700 Million active users. Don’t wait for your friends or families, because you are the most powerful person in your life so work for it and put your all. 
If you build it, they will come.

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